Cari, Llanfairfechan ©Craig Easton

English translation of Welsh text in photograph:

My name is Cari and I’m 16 years old. I live in a seaside village in North Wales with my brother Zac, my parents and my pet dog Freda. I've lived here ever since I was born and I truly love it here. I work as a waitress in a cafe near my home and have done so for a year. My favourite thing in life is music: I enjoy playing piano, guitar and I love to sing. In my spare time I like to climb, surf and stand-up paddle board, and in the winter I am lucky enough to go skiing almost every year in the French Alps with my family.

I have recently sat my second year of GCSE exams and am awaiting my results which I am highly nervous for. I hope that I get the grades that are required for me to get into sixth form in order for me to be able to study French, Music and Psychology. I then hope to succeed in these subjects so that when it comes to choosing a university, I won't have to worry about my grades not being of a high enough standard. I'm unsure of which career path I would like to pursue, but I hope that it will be one that will allow me to travel and I would love for it to be musically based.

My wish for the future is to be happy with a family of my own, pursuing a career in which I am content, and to still be in contact with my family and friends.

My fear for the world in the future is human beings and what we are capable of. From nuclear war and global warming to the further extinction of precious species that have just as much right to the planet as we have: human beings never fail to surprise me with the various and increasing acts of hatred. I hope that when I have children they will be brought up in a safe and flourishing environment, in which they have no fears of threats to the world's peace and wellbeing.