John Bulmer portrait.jpg

John Bulmer was a pioneer of colour photography in the early 1960’s 

Brought up in Herefordshire, John Bulmer started shooting stories on Cambridge for Queen Magazine, the Daily Express and Life Magazine.

He was offered a job on the Daily Express, the foremost paper for photography in the UK at the time with assignments in association with Paris Match.

John soon started shooting stories for Town Magazine, renowned for good photography. rubbing shoulders with Terrence Donovan, David Bailey and Don McCullin.  

In 1962 The Sunday Times broke the mold of newspaper publishing by producing the first of the Colour Supplements. (Later copied by all newspapers) Bulmer shared the cover of the first issue with Bailey and soon had a contract to shoot sixty pages a year, traveling to almost 100 countries for them including assignments to South America, Africa, New Guinea, and Indonesia. 

He was recognised immediately as a pioneer of colour photography, becoming one of the magazines most prolific contributors

Acknowledged as an adroit recorder of the provincial and industrial cityscape of Britain, John famously produced stories on Nelson, Lancashire, The Black Country, and ‘ The North is dead ‘.

His work has been singled out for numerous awards by the Design and Art Directors Club and he has pictures shown at the Gallery of Modern Art in New York, the Photographers' Gallery in London, and the National Museum of Photography in Bradford.