McCoy Wynne

Festival Exhibition : 9th – 21st October

McCoy Wynne: Triangulation 

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4/6 Abergele Road LL29 8NN


Photographers Stephanie Wynne and Stephen McCoy, are behind the commercial photography partnership of McCoy Wynne. They have a passion for persuing personal projects with their work being exhibited and published widely.

Triangulation is from the ongoing project to visit all 310 primary triangulation pillars, or “trig points”, built between 1936 and 1962 by the Ordnance Survey for the Re-triangulation of Great Britain. Using the method of triangulation, precise measurements could be made between the pillars to enable accurate mapping.

McCoy Wynne have evolved a working method using the concrete pillar as a reference point for the single and the panoramic photograph. The 360 degree panorama is produced by placing the camera on the top of the pillar and this pre-determined fixed point reduces the aesthetic decision making. The panorama is the first valid response to the visual experience of reaching the trig point – most people will turn to look at the view all round. The single photograph describes the location of the trig point and places it within the landscape.

The work will produce a comprehensive survey of the British Landscape and deals with issues of mapping, representations of the landscape, the layering of history, land use, ownership and boundaries.

Even though the location of each pillar is well documented there is still a heightened sense of exploration and anticipation based on the uncertainty of access, weather conditions, and the disparity between “the real” and the “abstract” of the map view.

The majority of the pillars are no longer used in mapping, having been superseded by GPS, but have become totemic as markers in the landscape.

TRIANGULATION is available to view in the town between 9th-21st October and forms part of the free festival content available to all. 

Triangulation © McCoy Wynne

Triangulation © McCoy Wynne