The Los Angeles Recordings

Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin

Festival Exhibition : 9th – 21st October

Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin: The Los Angeles Recordings 

Map Location 5:

5 Penrhyn Road LL29 8LA

The Los Angeles Recordings is focused on creating a photographic record of L.A.’s changing urban landscape. It takes us on a visual journey through Los Angeles and it’s neighbourhoods seen through the eyes of Urban documentary Photographer Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin.

“By blending personal history, social commentary, and photography, the goal of the project is to present a view of the city from a local perspective.”

Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin (b. 1977) is a Los Angeles based photographer whose work focuses on the urban environment and how a neighborhoods physical composition reflects the lives of it’s inhabitants.

He is best known for The Los Angeles Recordings, an ongoing documentary project comprised of photo essays about the rapidly changing landscape of the places he grew up in.

Kwasi, one of Time Magazine’s 12 African American photographers to follow in 2017, has also recently collaborated with KCET in the creation of In Plain Sight, a series photographing locations of police violence.

Kwasi is currently working on publishing new work from Treme, New Orleans and the Cambridge area of Massachusetts in addition to continuing to photograph underrepresented areas in the city of Los Angeles. He resides in Los Angeles with his wife, two daughters, and cat.

The Los Angeles Recordings exhibition takes place in the town and is available to view between 9th-21st October, forming part of the free festival content available to all. 

The Los Angeles Recordings © Kwasi-Boyd-Bouldin

The Los Angeles Recordings © Kwasi-Boyd-Bouldin

The Los Angeles Recordings © Kwasi-Boyd-Bouldin