Eamonn McCabe

Festival Speaker

Festival Speaker : Sunday 15th October, 2pm

The name of Eamonn McCabe has been at the top of the photography world for more than 40 years.

A winner of the prestigious title of Sports Photographer of the Year for a record 4 times, Eamonn then became News Photographer of the Year in 1985, for his work at The Heysel Stadium disaster.

After becoming the Picture Editor of The Guardian in 1988 he then went on to win Picture Editor of the Year a record 6 times.

In 2001 he returned to freelancing, photographing the arts for The Guardian alongside other newspapers and magazines.

A Fellow of The Royal Photographic Society and at The National Museum of Film, Photography and TV, this year Eamonn hosted the series ‘Britain in Focus – A Photographic History’ for BBC4.

Cathie Pilkington in her studio in Bethnal Green – © Eamonn McCabe

John Berger at home in paris in 1999 © Eamonn McCabe

Eamonn McCabe in Tom Davies studio in Lewes as part of Britain in Focus, a history of photography.